About the author.

My name is Sarah, and I started this blog as a 17 year-old student from the North West, studying A-levels in English, History and Art.

Not unlike most 19-year-olds in the UK, I live at home with a single parent and a younger sister. Outside of school, I have a part-time job in retail, so obviously I'm not rolling in cash that I can spend on designer brands. I have to be frugal, but I still want to be able to treat myself to something to make myself feel good.

For me, being happy with how you are presenting yourself to the world – whether that's in what you wear, in your personal space, or in what you eat – has a huge impact on your self-esteem.

I believe that feeling good about yourself should be a universal right, and not just a privilege for those with large bank balances. I want to dedicate this little space on the internet to sharing my favourite high street alternatives, DIYs and yummy recipes, so that we can all feel good about ourselves, regardless of how much money we have in our purse.

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