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I have decided that I'm going to live by the motto "better late than never" for the next three years of my life. Lets just say I've found it a lot harder than I expected to adjust to all the reading... so more than once I've done the lecture reading after the lecture. Like I said, better late than never.

That said, starting now, I'm making it my goal to get my act together in regard to my blog. Preoccupation with A-Levels is no more a valid excuse! So, I'm starting with a (somewhat delayed) bang – with a belated tour of my room in halls!

Cardboard storage boxes, £3.50 each from IKEA.
Having arrived at uni and discovered that I am a rare species in a flat full of boys, I have never been more grateful to have an en suite room. After sharing a kitchen with them, I don't even want to know what their bathrooms look like...

My accommodation is the 'standard-ensuite' so basically it's the middle ground between a prison cell and a slightly nicer prison cell – I'd like to think I've made mine pretty homely!

Table, £5 from Dunelm; pink tumbler, £1 for 2 from Poundland; cushions, see my last blogpost.
Given that I'm limited on space, functionality was a key focus when I was choosing my accessories. The IKEA storage boxes were perfect. They're made out of cardboard so they're really sturdy without being heavy, and they were so easy to put together: no glue needed! The little grey-topped table thing is so handy – it's a bedside, a stool up to the 'shelf of disorder' above my wardrobe, and a handy little perch for when I'm shaving my legs (there's no way that shower is not big enough for even the bendiest of gymnasts).

Stone plant pot, £5.29 from Søstrene Grene; storage trolley, a gift (but from Dunelm).
Now, whilst I was coming to uni, I had no intention on surviving on a diet of pasta, no way. My trolley is a God Send – especially given that kitchen storage is limited. I keep all my fresh ingredients to hand on it to free up fridge space. It also makes for a bit of a feature with Dr Pepper perched on top! 🌶

The fact that the trolley is on wheels makes it easy to bring it to and from the kitchen as well. Unfortunately Dunelm haven't got this specific one in stock anymore, but they do have a nice industrial-style copper one for only £12!

Pot, £2 from IKEA; weekly planner, £1 from Poundland; organiser, £9.99 from Stradivarius.
As for worktop space, I've got a built-in desk that runs parallel to my bed. As it takes up the whole of the remaining wall, this worktop doubles up as my study space and my dressing table, so it's a bit chaotic (but hey, would it be uni if it wasn't chaotic?).

One of my favourite things about being at a city university is the shopping!! SO MANY STATIONERY SHOPS. Whilst Tiger and Søstrene Grene will always have a special place in my heart, Stradivarius' ever-expanding home section is all so beautiful! I'm hoping my new organiser will get me into a routine when it comes to reading, so fingers crossed! 🤞

LED tealights, £1 for 4 at Poundland; makeup bag, £5 by Monki (but from ASOS) last year. 
Thanks to last minute nights out, this end of my desk is rarely so tidy. In that respect it reminds me a bit of my dressing table at home! The draw below is overflowing with toiletries, hair bobbles and nail varnish – it is chaos on par only with my 'shelf of disorder' – hence why there's no photos of that.

Speaking of toiletries, I like to have the peace of mind that what I'm using is cruelty-free, so if you would like to see what I use whether I'm tanning or doing a load of washing, let me know, and there might be a blog post on the topic!


The little things have made really important finishing touches for my room. Photos were an absolute must in making this a home-away-from-home, so it was really lucky that I saw an advert for Free Prints on my instagram feed a few weeks before I moved. Definitely going to have to get some from Freshers printed next! The magnetic picture line was £2.38 from Søstrene Grene; I love that it's more minimalist and less bulky than the classic pegs and string.

I had all my wooden coat hangers from home, where I get a pack of 5 for £2.50 from Wilko. However, whilst they look nice, they aren't exactly space saving, so I decided to alternate them with these velvet ones with copper handles from Primark. You get 10 hangers for £3, which is amazing since they look so stylish and sleek – very Oliver Bonas.

Nightshirt, in the sale for £3 at Primark.
After being MIA for aaaages, I hope my first blog post in a while was up to scratch! Hopefully I'm not alone when I say I've gone a bit mad with the student loan recently, so I'm planning on a haul blogpost in the next few weeks, so look out for that!

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