First Year Uni Haul

6:09 pm

Cushions L-R: Tassel cushion cover, £6 from Monki last year; gold spot cushion, £4 from Primark; black & white cushion, £13 from IKEA; colour block cushion, £5 from Asda; tribal print cushion, £4 in the sale at Matalan.
I don't think it has quite hit me yet, but in a week's time I'll be living in Belfast! I am going to QUB to study History and Anthropology – and I'm so excited for the change in scenery!

Once exams were finished waaaay back in July, I told myself I would not buy a single thing for uni before results day (I didn't want to jinx it!!) but I couldn't resist picking up a few bits here and there, before that dreaded day in August. However, once Results Day came I was very happy with my grades, and that gave me the green light to go crazy – hence why now I am counting down the hours until payday!!

In case anyone is still looking for stuff for uni, I thought I would post a little haul of my collection so far; I've still got a few bits and pieces to pick up, but so I'll be grabbing the rest once I'm there. I'll be doing a finished room tour when the move is done and dusted, so watch this space!

Bowl, £3 from Flying Tiger (in stores only).
Like most freshers, I will be living in halls. I'm lucky enough to have got an ensuite room (I'm very grateful for this as I'm a bit finicky when it comes to cleanliness etc.) so there's some bathroom stuff included in this haul!

I wouldn't have ever expected to go for a theme of bright pink for the bathroom, but after I found this cool bath mat on sale at Matalan for just £4, I had to go for it! I love the quirky addition of the pom poms, and I know this will give the somewhat bare and boring ensuite a bit of character!

Bath mat, £4 in the sale at Matalan; face mask, 70p by Montagne Jeunesse; Cocoa Brown instant tanning mousse, £8 at Superdrug (both cruelty-free!!)
I loved the bath mat so much that I'm going to base the rest of my bathroom accessories around it. I'm on the hunt for a bath sheet and hand towel in the same shade of hot pink – these finds will no doubt feature in a finished halls tour!

Since I love cooking, I was really excited to shop for my tableware and crockery. Whilst looking for plates, bowls and other accessories I wanted things that would make the perfect base for food styling for my recipes and Instagram posts; I found just what I was longing for at Flying Tiger!

I love Tiger – their products are quirky and stylish, yet totally affordable! Another homeware brand that is a favourite of mine is Søstrene Grene. Its very Anthropologie-esque, for a fraction of the price!

Plate, £3 from Flying Tiger; cacti (part of a pack of 3), £4.50 from Ikea; planner, £1 from Poundland. 
As for the place where the magic happens (😴), I got my duvet and pillow covers from Matalan. Whilst my bed in halls is a single, I'm taking a double duvet for two reasons: firstly, an extra-big duvet is extra cosy (whether I'm hungover or just cold) and secondly, I won't need to splash out unnecessary £££s in second year when I move into a student house.

I am allowing my vibrant and exciting cushions do the talking, so I went for a simple brushed cotton duvet set in washed grey for the base. Plus, it'll go with any decor regardless of where it goes!

Bedding set, £15 from Matalan.

Whilst (I'm hoping) uni won't be all work and no play, I haven't got much from my stationery list yet. Besides, that's what the Freshers Fair is for right? I'll probably return to my room with 1000 pens – that's what I'm counting on!

However, I did pick up this handy little weekly planner which is both pretty and practical. The pink and gold accents compliment the rest of my stuff perfectly! I'll use it to plan my meals, and the notes section will be handy for shopping lists and deadlines.

No need to spend all of my student loan at Paperchase then!

Weekly plan pad, £1 from Poundland.

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