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Now, traditionally red and pink aren't two colours I would usually pair together. In fact, even my mother – who has sported some funky looks in the past (to say the least) – shuddered at my suggestion of wearing red and pink together.

Previously reserved for die-hard Valentine's Day fans, the crimson combo has definitely made a statement this summer. Personally, my look was inspired by an ensemble worn by Princess Diana of Wales whilst touring Kuwait. Since Diana wore it way back in 1989, I would say that this combination is (like most trends) a comeback rather than an innovation. And if its good enough for Princess Diana, then it's good enough for me.

Diana, Princess of Wales, on an official state tour of Kuwait in 1989. [Credit:]

Diana's personal style was totally her own, and I admired her for presenting an image of the royal family that was gradually modernising. It is the anniversary of Diana's tragic death this month, and so I would like to dedicate this blog post to her.

But thats not to say this is a depressing blog post – Diana's persona was a bright and bold one, as perfectly represented with this brilliant colour blocking of pink and red.

The photos for this blog post were taken in Malaga, whilst I was holidaying in even more brilliant company. To me, this outfit screams summer: it is bright, bold and eclectic. If there is any time to wear all your most daring colours, it's summer right?

Meandering the streets of Malaga.
Given that it was a Spanish holiday, it seemed only right to focus on one of my favourite brands at the moment, which just so happens to be Spanish – thank you Anya for sharing with me! 

Both my top and my culotte trousers are from, but they have UK stores in the Trafford Centre and London (they're ubiquitous in Spain!). Stradivarius is a new favourite for me; its a bit like a groovy younger sister to Zara! Its fab for a student budget, and you can pick up some really quirky pieces.

Top, £9.99 in the sale, similar in the New Look sale for £5.00, here.
When I first saw this top I fell in love – it ticks all the boxes for a summer top. Firstly, its asymmetric, which flatters broad shoulders (thanks mum!) but its also covered with frills, which is a major trend for 2017 so far. But for me, the real winning factor was in the bubblegum colour. Maybe its because I loved Barbies when I was little, but I've always associated pink with blonde and plastic girly-girls and so I've always steered well clear... until I saw this top. Extra marks for a stellar sale price of £9.99 (kerching!!!).

Culottes, £7.99 in the Stradivarius sale. Still available here!!!
These ruby-coloured culottes were the perfect pre-holiday buy! They're so light and airy, and the slit at the bottom makes them extra floaty. I love the crinkled texture as well, although be warned – nude undies are a must in these! Light and airy comes at a cost! Don't be caught out like me in navy knickers! I had to take a whole new set of pics when I noticed that my undies were taking center stage (fml).

Earrings, €2 from H&M in Spain (available on the UK website in black, here).
By chance, I found the perfect earrings to pull this outfit together when we were out taking the photos for my blog post! These dangly beaded earrings were a fantastic middle-way between the bubblegum pink of the top and the ruby-red trousers. The gold accents always look classy in the summer too.

Hat, £4 from Matalan. Bookbag, £4 from IKEA.

Since practicality is always something to consider – especially in 30℃+ heat  I finished the outfit with a rather dashing sunhat from Matalan. The slogan might be cliche, but its the holidays! My bag was a last minute buy at IKEA when stopping off for some uni stuff before our flight, so expect a uni haul in the coming weeks! I love the bizarre pattern, and the monochrome colour scheme makes it a versatile and comfortable bag for any outfit. I always come out of IKEA with more than I went in for!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I hope on the 31st of August you enjoy Diana's legacy too.

Also, thank you to my gorgeous friends, Neve and Toni for being so patient with me on our holiday! <3

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