Kiss my (cheap) ass, Gucci

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Anyone that has been on Instagram/Pinterest will know that the latest shoe of choice is the Gucci 'Jourdaan' horsebit loafer, which is available in a traditional moccasin and a mule design

The simplicity of the Gucci loafer is just what makes them so stylish, but such designer style comes at a price: an extortionate £490 to be precise!

The 'Jourdaan' horsebit loafer by Gucci. Credit:

I, a measly sixth form student, obviously can't afford the Gucci version, but I was determined to find myself a (MUCH) cheaper alternative on the highstreet. Naturally, I was ecstatic to find these beauties whilst on my regular window shopping session of the 'New In' section of the Topshop website. 

My stunning 'Lucy' snaffle loafers from Topshop.
I was gutted to find they were out of stock in my size (EU 39/UK size 6) so I stalked the website daily and ordered them as soon as they were available. (As I write, Topshop have extended the range with a new white and a silver, along with the original black, fuchsia and gold.)

Affectionately named the 'Lucy' loafer, these gorgeous look-alikes retail for just £29. Plus, if you have a student discount – either NUS or Unidays – you can bag these beauties for only £26.10, without sacrificing on style.

What drew me to this style the most was the androgynous appeal of them. They'll contrast beautifully with a pretty blouse or a pleated midi skirt. Alternatively, they'd also look great with ripped mom jeans and an oversized coat for the full boyfriend look.

Sweater, 2 for £11 (!!) in the Asos sale a while ago. Exact here for £16. Lucy loafers, £29 Topshop. Shorts, Hollister sale last year, but there are lots of on offer at the moment for £25, like these ones. Liquid lipsticks, in Cannes (R) and Copenhagen (L) retail for £5.50. Watch, £80 Olivia Burton.
And there's more...

Given the more-than-hefty price tag, the Jourdaan loafers are obviously made from leather: lovely for the feet, not so lovely for the cows. The Lucy loafers, on the other hand, are made from 100% synthetic materials. Since we're lucky to have non-animal materials that look, and last, just as long as leather, it's feels good to not be funding an increasingly unnecessary industry. Even if, granted, plastic takes longer to break in – I'm still getting blisters 3 weeks later!!

Overall, I would give these shoes a solid 9/10. They are the perfect minimal staple that will finish any outfit. They're non-leather, but look just as good, so they're suitable for vegans or just people avoiding animal fabrics, like me. They'll be a great alternative to heels for work, and look really on-trend for college or uni. I'm really tempted by the other colours, I think I'm going to just have to buy the shocking pink ones, just for good measure (roll on payday). The only reason I'm not giving them a 10 is the dodgy sizing – I tried a size 5 and they were WAAAY too small, even for my narrow feet. The size 6 is much better, but there's still a little movement in the heel, though nothing a good pair of invisible socks can't fix!

Gucci Jourdaan horsebit loafer: £490
Topshop Lucy snaffle loafer: £29
Total saving: £461.

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